Women’s facial hair

Women’s facial hair can be quite irritating and disturbing for females of any age. Facial hair can occur on your neck, upper lip, chin and other areas.

The causes of women’s facial hair

The natural developement of darker and thicker facial hair on a woman’s body can happen due to certain hormonal changes in the body. First of all, it is a myth that when you pluck out a large thick hair out of your body it grows out faster, thicker and bigger. These little hairs are not harmful, nor it will affect your health in any negative way.

How to get rid of facial hair

What can you do to get rid of them? For a fast option, tweezing is a good method, as are depilatory creams. But the hairs will grow back. For permanent hair removal, try either electrolysis or professional laser treatment. There are also some prescription medications that stop hair from growing. If that’s something you’re interested in, then I would recommend for you to  speak with your dermatologist. More information.

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