Sulforaphane. The next superior suplement or simply hype?

We've started to hear more and more about this substance that's being praised all around the internet. Let's take a look what the current research has to say.

Health Benefits of Sulforaphane Supplements

Sulforaphane is a potent antibacterial and anticarcinogenic compound that is mainly found in coniferous vegetables such as cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, kale, Brussels sprouts, collard greens, and turnips. In the modern world, this chemical is blended with other compounds to form the best sulforaphane supplement that has potent positive health effects on humans.

It is always recommended to buy only trusted supplements, especially if you want to enjoy various health benefits that this compound comes with. Let’s look at some specific reasons why you should take supplements that contain this substance. Dr Rhonda Patrick, a scientist with a Ph.D. in biomedical science had done extensive research in aging, cancer & nutrition. Click on the video below to hear her thoughts about this.

Prevents and manages type 2 diabetes

There are various ways of treating type 2 diabetes, but not all of them can work on a patient. Medical research has shown that Sulforaphane is capable of preventing and managing this health condition. It achieves this by countering the effects of the diabetic cells. It inhibits the production of hepatic glucose, which makes the level of glucose in the blood to remain balanced.

Maintains smooth and healthy skin

The compound has a direct impact on the human skin. It makes the skin grow healthier and softer. When in the body, the compound assists or speeds up the production of old skin cells which replaces the old ones. This results in a smoother and healthier skin.

Benefits of Sulforaphane to kids

Adults are not the only people that can use this supplement. Kids can also tap some key benefits from it. This interesting compound boosts the performance of the brain. In other words, it recharges the brain, thereby raising the body’s energy level. By using the supplement, your kid will always feel energetic both at school and at home. This may end up having a positive impact on both the academic and physical performance.

The performance of this supplement to the brains is not just restricted to kids. It also recharges adults and aging people, making them feel energetic. The supplement can boost your overall productivity in whatever task that you are doing.

Benefits to smokers

Smoking is usually associated with several health risks, including cancer and respiratory infections. Sulforaphane is known for its capabilities to boost the production of defensive proteins that can fight various types of disease-causing bacteria and germs. Some of these cells can prevent the growth of dangerous cancerous cells, which are activated by nicotine from cigarettes.

City dwellers can also benefit from extracts that contain this compound due to the toxic environment that they are exposed to. It is evident that there is a massive air pollution that takes place in most cities. We unknowingly inhale fumes from vehicles and factories. Accumulation of these gaseous materials in your blood can cause various health complications. Sulforaphane reduces the levels of Benzyl Cinnamate and Benzyl Propionate (two dangerous compounds found in car fumes) in blood. This ends up leaving you with clean blood that is free of any toxic substance.

Distinctive features of Sulforaphane

Since it is a naturally occurring chemical, you can take it in the form of vegetables. However, this may not be that effective as you may not be able to measure the quantity that you take. This is why it is advisable that you consume commercial supplements which come in two forms, SF-rich or a-cyclodextrin inclusion. Once ingested, the supplement is absorbed into the bloodstream then to various body cells more quickly.

Really interesting data

I highly encourage watching this video presentation made by Dr. Rhonda Patrick. In case you're short on time, I've concluded some of the data she received from her recent studies:

  • Men who ate a minimum amount of 3 servings of vegetables containing sulforaphane a week, had a 41% decreased risk of prostate cancer.

  • 51% risk reduction of bladder cancer among those consuming cruciferous vegetables >5 servings/week.

  • Smokers who consumed at least 4.5 servings of vegetables that contained sulforaphane had a 55% reduction in lung cancer risk.

  • Women who consumed cruciferous vegetables at least once a week, had between 17%-50% decrease in breast cancer risk.

Jeez! Those are some significant numbers. Once again, feel free to watch the entire video to hear all of the recent study results. Honestly, I've never been a strong lover for vegetables, but now broccoli has its own personal space on my family's food plates. Share this page with your friends and family who dread eating vegetables that contain this amazing compound.